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83% Zinfandel
17% Cabernet Franc

Just like American rock'n roll, this innovative blend is composed primarily of the much-loved American varietal Zinfandel, with a splash of Cabernet Franc, which lifts the final blend into a higher fidelity, synesthetically speaking.

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/ Feel It 750mL by John Bramblitt

66% Mourvèdre
17% Cabernet Franc
17% Merlot

This wine is for all you "City Cats" out there. It's a lively blend intended to impress even the best food and wine connoisseurs with it's "stand out in a crowd" distinctiveness and complex array of powerful aromas and intense flavors.

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/ City Cat 750mL by John Bramblitt

60% Cabernet Franc
40% Merlot

We LOVE Cabernet Franc, and when you blend it with Merlot, you get a perfect balance. This sumptuous and soft, deep red wine will pair perfectly with chocolates this coming Valentines Day 2020. Ooh la la!

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/ Forever Romance 750mL by John Bramblitt
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