Carrie Graber


Carrie Graber, born in 1974 in Southern California, is a master genre painter known for her exquisite control of light and composition. Graduating with distinction from Art Center College of Design, she apprenticed with Romantic Impressionist Aldo Luongo, developing a body of work admired for its blend of 19th-century fascination with light and Pop iconography. 

  Carrie said “It was a warm sunny summer day when Aldo and Vanessa Luongo and I rolled up to Sunstone in Santa Ynez, Artiste in its primordial beginnings. Aldo and I worked together for years as painters, and certainly appreciated a good wine’s relationship to creative endeavors! We met Bion Rice and his family, and chatted about art, vineyard stewarding, harvesting, and philosophy between sips.” 

Carrie’s paintings capture the beauty of familiar environments with warmth and boldness, echoing the style of her main influence, Dutch master painter Vermeer. Apart from her art, Carrie is a collector, advocate of architectural preservation, gardener and beach bum. <– She was joking (not joking).

I’m really excited about being part of Artiste’s winemaking process this season! What I love about the project is that their creative mechanism not only includes the visual arts but incorporates imagery into their blends. There’s a cross-pollination of mediums in which colors can have flavors, shapes can have scents, and sips are accompanied by ideas. It’s a bottled synesthetic experience.” – Carrie