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Blood From a Stone
Book by Adam McHugh

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/ Blood From a Stone - Book
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Local author Adam McHugh tells the story of how he stumbled his way from hospice chaplain and grief counselor in LA to wine tour guide and somm in the Santa Ynez Valley. Full of historical tidbits, wit, insight, and charm!

"This is the story of how wine brought me back from the dead."

Thus begins Adam McHugh's transition through the ending of one career―as a hospice chaplain and grief counselor―into the discovery of a new life in wine among the grapevines of the Santa Ynez Valley of California.

"This is the corkscrewing tale of how I got to Santa Ynez, eventually, and the questions that came up along the way," he continues. "You and I are going to take a long wine tour together on our way there, and we will make plenty of stops for a glass and some local wine history. As you will see, I reached into the old, old story of wine in order to find my new story, which begins, as so many wine love stories do, in the French countryside."

With warmth and wit, Adam tells the story of what happens when things fall apart and when where you live no longer feels like home. From the south of France to Champagne to the California central coast, the trail winds toward new life and healing through the good gifts of wine, friendship, and a sense of place. Pour a glass and join the adventure.


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