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The INSPIRED Collection includes a bottle each of Eyes Wide Shut, Inspired, and Inflorescence.

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/ Eyes Wide Shut, Inflorescence, Inspired
SKU: W_TheINSPIRED_3BTL_Collection

61% Cabernet Sauvignon
31% Malbec
8% Petite Sirah

Aromatics of Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Wild Raspberry, stewed plum, Cayenne Pepper.   Palate:  Dry finish.  Piquant acidity.

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/ Autumn Solstice 750ml
SKU: W_AutumnSolstice_750

40% Malbec, 30% Merlot, 30% Syrah

Aromatics of Orange Blossom, Sherry, Baking Spice, Black Cherry, Boysenberry, Macerated Fig.    Palate:   Very dry finish.  Palpable acidity.  

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/ Rooted 750
SKU: W_Rooted_750

70% Cabernet Sauvignon
15% Cabernet Franc
15% Merlot

Aromatics of Candied black plum, Violet, Hatch Chile, Pikake flower, black licorice, blackberry. Full-bodied finish.  Moderate acidity.  

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/ Eyes Wide Shut 750mL 2021 Release
SKU: W_EyesWideShut750

60% Grenache, 40% Syrah

Aromatics of African Violet, carnation, warmed caramel, brown sugar, berry compote.     Palate: Dry Finish.  Soft-moderate acidity.  Vanillin Oak.

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/ Timeless 750
SKU: W_Timeless_750

53% Malbec
47% Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromatics:  Toffee, vanilla, brined green olive, soy sauce, violet, soft vanillin Oak.   

Palate:  Velvet mid-palpate with tertiary minerality.  Bright/balanced acidity.

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/ The Bouquet 750
SKU: W_TheBouquet750

What better way to celebrate with freinds than with magnums of Cafecita, Reina Del Rancho, and Ladera Floral. These beauties are sure to impress.

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/ Magnum each of Riena, Ladera and Cafecita
SKU: W_SET_Holiday2021_DivineMagnums

All you need to enthrall your guests this holiday! Set includes a bottle of Ladera Floral, a Roasted Garlic Olive Oil, an 18-year old Balsamic vinegar and 2 Tritan" crystal wine glasses.

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/ Roasted Garlic oil, Balsamic, Ladera + 2 Glasses
SKU: W_SET_Holiday21_UltimateHost

Set includes a bottle of Ladera Floral, Reina Del Rancho, our Artiste branded Golden corckscrew and 2 Tritan" crystal wine glasses.

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/ Reina, Ladera, Gold Corkscrew + 2 Glasses
SKU: W_SET_Holiday21_GirlPower

88% Pinot Noir
12% Cabernet Franc

Ripe cranberries, raspberry, muddled fresh mint leaves, wild sage, smoked peppers, cedar. Medium Vanillin Oak.  Medium-plus finish.  Sustained warmth on back of palate. Soft-medium acidity.  


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/ Inspired 750mL
SKU: W_Inspired750

This is the perfect set for those that love bold yet velvety reds. Aged to perfection, "Corner Pocket" is a Museum wine included in this set, along with new release "Timeless". ONLY 8 sets available on first-come-first-serve basis!

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/ Includes "Corner Pocket" (Museum) and Timeless
SKU: W_SET_Holiday21_VinophilesFavoriteBox

Rich, sticky, and sweet with a kick of Brandy to kill the yeasts.  Deep, dark, red ports like this one are fantastic with blue cheeses and fresh peaches drizzled in balsamic, or chocolate desserts, especially German Chocolate Cake.   Aromatics:  Rum raisin, Cassis, Butterscotch, Caramel.  Palate:  Candied plum, Fig,  Blackberry.  Limited release:  200 bottles

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/ Le Bec Sucre V 2021 release

50% Grenache
40% Cabernet Franc
10% Syrah

Aromatics:  Dulce de Leche, Ancho Chile, Night Blooming Jasmine, Star Anise, Apricot Preserves, Slate, Buttered Plum, Soft Vanillin Oak.

Palate/Finish:  Creamy mid-palate, building to a medium-plus finish, thanks to solid Cabernet Franc base.  Soft acidity.  

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/ Inflorescence 750mL 2021 Release
SKU: W_Inflorescence750mL

This lovely holiday set includes a bottle each of Ladera and Reina Del Rancho and our Artiste branded GOLD corkscrew.

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/ Ladera, Reina, Gold Corkscrew
SKU: W_SET_2021Holiday_DivineGOLD

43% Malbec

43% Cabernet Sauvignon

14% Grenache


Aromas:  Black cherry.  Blackberry.  Black licorice.  Violet.  Dulce de Leche.  Sun-warmed leather,

Palate:  Vanillin Oak.  Cocoa.  Berry Compote.  Velvet mid-palate, building to a medium++ to full-bodied finish.  Bright acidity.  Softly dry.

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/ Tropical Cloud 750
SKU: W_TropicalCloud750

56% Petit Sirah

44% Cabernet Sauvignon

Black licorice.  Caramel Macchiato.  Stewed plum.  Molasses.  Black Raspberry.  Baking Spice.

Palate:  Plush tannins.  Dry finish.  Inky, rich color.  Full-bodied finish.   This is a luxurious wine worthy of aging 20+ years!

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/ Island Dream 750
SKU: W_IslandDream750

The love for Nature and Art unite with this gorgeous collection of art and wine fetauring labels by artist Rose Irelan.  Includes one 1.5L magnum each of Rooted, Timeless, and Autumn Solstice.

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/ Magnum of Rooted, Timeless, Autumn Solstice
SKU: W_SET_Holiday21_NatureBountyMagnumCollection

70% Petit Verdot
30% Grenache

Aromatics:  Blueberry, black plumb, brined capers, molasses, orange blossom, cayenne pepper.

Palate:  Dry Finish.  Piquant acidity.

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/ Lilies Dance 750
SKU: W_LiliesDance750

58% Cabernet Sauvignon

42% Grenache


Aromas:  Buttered plum.  White pepper.  Red Bell pepper.  Star Anise.  Subtle umami tertiary aromatics.

Palate:  Soft velveteen, butter mouthfeel leading to a medium++ finish.  Slighlty dry.  Soft acidity.  

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/ Peace For Us 750
SKU: W_PeaceForUs750

56% Grenache.  14% Syrah.  10%   Cabernet Sauvignon.  10%  Cabernet Franc.  10% Merlot.
Aromatics of violet, apricot (stone fruit), honeysuckle, Red Plum.  Palate:  Creamy mid-palate.  

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/ Reina Del Rancho 750

50% Tempranillo
50% Aglianico

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83% Zinfandel
17% Cabernet Franc

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/ Feel It 750mL by John Bramblitt

66% Mourvèdre
17% Cabernet Franc
17% Merlot

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/ City Cat 750mL by John Bramblitt

69% Pinot Noir
23% Zinfandel
8% Syrah

Baking spices, crushed flowers, tea leaf on the nose, and strawberry, bing cherry, cranberry and rubarb on the palate, beautifully intertwined with a soft mouthfeel. Art by Carole Watanabe.

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/ Autumn Oak 750mL
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