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Moleskine Drawing Pencil Set

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/ Moleskine Drawing Pencil Set
SKU: M_Moleskine_Moleskine Drawing Pencil Set

A set of 5 graded graphite pencils of varying intensity for a range of artistic and practical uses. Full, rolling strokes that add depth to your drawings, or fine, light lines that tip tap across your sketch pad; graphite drawing pencils interact differently with the page, each one making a unique kind of music. How are your sketches sounding today?


6B Rumble Smooth and dark for thunderous shading and full lines
4B Echo Softly smudged strokes that roll on and on and on and on
2B Quiet please Discreet, hushed lines sketch out definite ideas
HB Respire As natural as breathing, for perfectly balanced impressions
H Chat Light and quick-fire marks for sketches drawn on the go
five graphite drawing pencils with essential Moleskine design
surprisingly square cross-section
FSC™-certified natural cedar wood
3mm core

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