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The Winemaker's Top 6
Drink 3, Cellar 3

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/ The Winemaker's Top 6 for 2019

We asked our winemaker to select his top six favorite wines on our current wine list and we were not surprised that they were atypical blends that define his style and unorthodox approach to winemaking. And yet they are also our most popular wines in the tasting studio. He chose three to DRINK with holiday cuisine, and three to lay down in your CELLAR.



70% Pinot Noir
24% Syrah
6% Viognier

Expressive aromas of black cherry and plum are accented by spice, bay leaf and citrus zest. Balanced flavors of cassis and bing cherry are framed with medium tannin and savory notes. Nuanced and evolving, this wine lingers beautifully on the palate. Art by Aldo Luongo.

Nouvelles Fleurs

92% Mourvedre
8% Albarino

Albariño is a light-bodied Spanish white that's loved for its high acidity, refreshing citrus flavors, but when it's blended into a hearty red wine like Mourvèdre, (also known as Monastrell in Spain), you get aromatic potpourri.


90% Sangiovese
7% Cabernet Sauvignon
3% Cabernet Franc

Christina LoCascio's figurative and architecural artwork entitled "Inception" inspired Artiste winemaker Bion Rice to blend  to craft an edgy, powerful red wine with firm tannins, yet nuanced by gorgeous floral and herbal fragrances to capture the feminine essence of the piece.




77% Zinfandel
23% Petit Verdot

A powerful yet graceful and balanced blend, Malagueña is a sensual wine that will make you want to get up and dance. Label art by Aldo Luongo. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL 2019 O.C. Wine Competition.

City Cat

66% Mourvèdre
17% Cabernet Franc
17% Merlot

This wine is for all you "City Cats" out there. It's a lively blend intended to impress even the best food and wine connoisseurs with it's "stand out in a crowd" distinctiveness and complex array of powerful aromas and intense flavors.

Desert Starlight

We got a bit carried away with this blend of 29% Syrah, 29% Grenache, 29% Mourvèdre, and 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, thinking it would need an extra kick to get us through the coolness of the desert night.

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