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Mixed Duo

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SKU: W_SET_2022Holiday_MixedDuo

This lovely holiday set includes a bottle each of Soak It In and Lillies Dance in black gift box.

Soak It In:

84% Chardonnay
16% Grenache Blanc

Aromatics:  Pineapple, butterscotch, Guava, Lychee.

Palate:  Meyer Lemon.  Racey acidity.

DOUBLE GOLD:  Sunset Magazine 2022

Lilies Dance:

70% Petit Verdot
30% Grenache

Aromatics:  Blueberry, black plumb, brined capers, molasses, orange blossom, cayenne pepper.

Palate:  Dry Finish.  Piquant acidity.

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