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Christina LoCascio 2-bottle set

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/ Christina LoCascio 2-bottle set


90% Sangiovese
7% Cabernet Sauvignon
3% Cabernet Franc

Christina LoCascio's figurative and architecural artwork entitled "Inception" inspired Artiste winemaker Bion Rice to blend  to craft an edgy, powerful red wine with firm tannins, yet nuanced by gorgeous floral and herbal fragrances to capture the feminine essence of the piece.



90% Syrah
10% Cabernet Franc

Yet another gorgeously inspirational work of art painted in wine by Christina LoCascio, Perspective enthralls the eyes and palate with it's grace and power, as it merges two powerful varieties into a poetic state of balance. SILVER MEDAL 2019 O.C. Wine Competition.

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