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Relax Into Fall 3-Pack

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This 3-bottle Collection includes one bottle each of the following wines:

Barn Retreat

67% Merlot, 17% Syrah , 16% Cabernet Franc

Aromas:  Fresh blackberry. Oregon blueberry. Capers. Green tea. Soft muddled green herbs. Bell pepper. Violet. Salty Sea Air.

Palate:  Spiced cranberry with bright, yet balanced acidity.


Soul Mates

72% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Franc

Aromas: Cotton Blossom. Ancho Chile. Green Olive. Loganberry. Black Raspberry. Brown sugar.

Palate: Coffee. Bing cherry. Vanillin Oak. Piquant acidity.



57% Grenache, 43% Syrah

Aromas: Caramel. Tobacco. Black Walnut. Stewed Tomatillo. Red plum. Green herbs. Slate.

Palate: Cranberry, baking spice. Moderate acidity (food worthy)


Artwork by James Pratt

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