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90% Sangiovese
7% Cabernet Sauvignon
3% Cabernet Franc

Christina LoCascio's figurative and architecural artwork entitled "Inception" inspired Artiste winemaker Bion Rice to blend  to craft an edgy, powerful red wine with firm tannins, yet nuanced by gorgeous floral and herbal fragrances to capture the feminine essence of the piece.

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50% Tempranillo
50% Aglianico

A lot of Spain blended with a lot of Italy? Why not, right?! The resulting blend is indeed a powerful full-bodied wine with massive tannin, strong alcohol, bright acidity and richness, with a soft palate. This wine was aged-to-perfection in barrel for over 5 years.

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92% Mourvedre
8% Albarino

Albariño is a light-bodied Spanish white that's loved for its high acidity, refreshing citrus flavors, but when it's blended into a hearty red wine like Mourvèdre, (also known as Monastrell in Spain), you get aromatic potpourri.


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/ Cupid Takes Aim 1.5L Magnum {2018}
SKU: W_CupidTakesAim1.5

Inspired by the warm colors and feeling of this desert painting by Rose Irelan, we blended 45% Grenache, 45% Zinfandel and 10% Mourvèdre, three varietals that we love in one juicy, esoteric blend.

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SKU: 19Joshua Tree Glow_1.5L

77% Zinfandel
23% Petit Verdot

A powerful yet graceful and balanced blend, Malagueña is a sensual wine that will make you want to get up and dance. Label art by Aldo Luongo. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL 2019 O.C. Wine Competition.

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78% Malbec
22% Cabernet Sauvignon

Nobody captures the tango on canvas like Aldo Luongo. Inspired by his label artwork, winemaker Bion Rice, artfully blended this classic Argentine-inspired wine, which has since become one of the best sellers in the Tasting Studio.

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We got a bit carried away with this blend of 29% Syrah, 29% Grenache, 29% Mourvèdre, and 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, thinking it would need an extra kick to get us through the coolness of the desert night.

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SKU: 19Desert Starlight_1.5L

Looking for any last minute gift ideas, or not sure what your friend's favorite wine is? Give them Artiste Gift Cards! Available in $50, $100, $250 and $500 increments. Good toward bottled wine purchases and tastings only.


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SKU: GC_250

Looking for any last minute gift ideas, or not sure what your friend's favorite wine is? Give them Artiste Gift Cards! Available in $50, $100, $250 and $500 increments. Gift Card purchases good toward WINE purchases only.

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/ $500 Gift Card
SKU: GC_500

When riding out on the range, the Aussies and American cowboys know what drinks best, something powerful, like this 50% Syrah / 50% Cabernet Suavignon blend, which will knock your spurs off.

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SKU: 19Serenade_1.5L

45% Nebbiolo
45% Barbera
10% Cabernet Franc

A "vignoble" is what the French refer to as a vineyard or wine growing area. This Vignoble was perfectly captured by Christina LoCascio with wine on watercolor paper, and is an experimental blend of 45% Nebbiolo, 45% Barbera and 10% Cabernet Franc.

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100% Chardonnay

This is your white wine for Pacific rim cuisine. Mouthwatering citrus dominates the palate. It's tropical pineapple and melon characteristics are followed by sweet French oak vanillin.

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/ Impressionist Blanc '18

90% Chardonnay
10% Syrah

This is NOT your typical rosé! It's BLUSH, which is a blend of white and red wine. It's designed for white AND red wine lovers. It has the juicy and vibrant acidity of a white wine, but a long finish of a red wine. This has been both a staff AND member favorite in the tasting room this fall. Try it yourself and let us know ... What's your impression?

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/ Impressionist Blush '18

A 100% Rosé of Syrah, Monet would have loved this wine! This gorgeous rosé of Syrah displays bright strawberry and juicy watermelon characteristics with a hint of floral, citrus and white pepper.

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/ Impressionist Rose '18

75% Malbec
20% Petite Sirah
5% Merlot

Rich and full bodied dark fruits, earthy, all-spice and French oak. Artwork by Aldo Luongo. The most enduring single image in the paintings of Aldo Luongo is that of "The Hawk", an homage to the artist's father, Rafael Celestino Luongo.

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/ Rafael 750mL

95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay

In true Artiste style, this artwork absolutely inspired this wine of blending two very different Burgundian varietals into one classic Pinot Noir.  Bright fruit, cherry, raspberries with an earthy, woodsy, butterscotch, bold pinot  combined with a tropical fruit forward Chardonnay, created a perfect balance with an elegant long lasting finish.  Quiet tannins will allow for a nice aging of 3-5 years.

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68% Syrah
32% Tempranillo

Unworldly, the portion of whole cluster fermented Syrah exudes green herbs and spices like dill, sage, and thyme, black peppercorns and jerky, while the Tempranillo delivers a punch of black cherry/currant preserves, soy sauce, raisins, and fresh dough that lead into subtle accents of clove, salty roasted mixed nuts, raspberries, cedar, and molasses.

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/ Sol Abajo

60% Petite Verdot
40% Cabernet Sauvignon

Smoky green herbs, flower petals and GREEN tea lift your senses. Elongated, sensual ripe raspberries and blackberries provide enough runway to sense this wine's complex potpourri.

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/ Balcon Verte - Museum

Designed to exemplify top-shelf quality wine key features a double-hinged arm, five-turn worm and handle-integrated foil cutter - all plated in bona-fide 24-karat gold. Waiters and Artiste servers love these for opening wax topped bottles!

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/ Gold Corkscrew
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