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Artiste Red Wines

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Our in-studio sommelier, Ashley Meehan personally selected Ultimo Tango, Rafael and City Cat for this collection.

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/ Ashley’s Favorite Picks - 3-BTL set
SKU: W_AshleysPicks_3BTLset

66% Mourvèdre
17% Cabernet Franc
17% Merlot

This wine is for all you "City Cats" out there. It's a lively blend intended to impress even the best food and wine connoisseurs with it's "stand out in a crowd" distinctiveness and complex array of powerful aromas and intense flavors.

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/ City Cat 750mL by John Bramblitt

50% Cabernet Pfeffer
40% Touriga Nacional
10% Zinfandel

Cab what? Time to get to know the other Cabernet... Pfeffer. Only an Artist would we be creative enough to blend Touriga Nacional, a full-bodied red wine from Portugal into Cabernet Pfeffer, a German varietal, and then add Zinfandel! An explosion of flavor.

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34% Sangiovese
33% Tempranillo
33% Merlot

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/ Passatempo 750mL by Aldo Luongo

80% Merlot
20% Cabernet Franc

Sourced entirely from the Sunstone's 28 year old estate vineyard, and the birthpace of Artiste, this Commemorative Release was bottled and released in 2018 and has been cellared to perfection. The artwork, an image of the famous Sunstone tasting room window, is by Santa Barbara legend, James-Paul Brown, the artist that created Sunstone's "Eros".

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/ Secret Passage {2018 Release}
SKU: W_SecretPassage2018

75% Malbec
20% Petite Sirah
5% Merlot

Rich and full bodied dark fruits, earthy, all-spice and French oak. Artwork by Aldo Luongo. The most enduring single image in the paintings of Aldo Luongo is that of "The Hawk", an homage to the artist's father, Rafael Celestino Luongo.

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/ Rafael 750mL
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