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Artiste Labels by Carole Rae Watanabe

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30% Syrah
30% Grenache
25% Malbec
15% Cabernet Sauvignon

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/ Wildwood, No. 1 - 1.5L Magnum

67% Grenache
33% Cabernet Franc

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/ Wildwood, No. 2 - 1.5L by Carole Watanabe

56% Petit Sirah

44% Cabernet Sauvignon

Black licorice.  Caramel Macchiato.  Stewed plum.  Molasses.  Black Raspberry.  Baking Spice.

Palate:  Plush tannins.  Dry finish.  Inky, rich color.  Full-bodied finish.   This is a luxurious wine worthy of aging 20+ years!

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/ Island Dream 750
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67% Grenache
33% Tempranillo

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/ Women of Water - 1.5L MAGNUM

58% Cabernet Sauvignon

42% Grenache


Aromas:  Buttered plum.  White pepper.  Red Bell pepper.  Star Anise.  Subtle umami tertiary aromatics.

Palate:  Soft velveteen, butter mouthfeel leading to a medium++ finish.  Slighlty dry.  Soft acidity.  

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/ Peace For Us 750
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92% Mourvedre
8% Albarino

Albariño is a light-bodied Spanish white that's loved for its high acidity, refreshing citrus flavors, but when it's blended into a hearty red wine like Mourvèdre, (also known as Monastrell in Spain), you get aromatic potpourri. Our winemaker is not afraid to blend without rules!

$142.00 - Call or email to order

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/ Nouvelles Fleurs MAGNUM

50% Cabernet Pfeffer
40% Touriga Nacional
10% Zinfandel

Cab what? Time to get to know the other Cabernet... Pfeffer. Only an Artist would we be creative enough to blend Touriga Nacional, a full-bodied red wine from Portugal into Cabernet Pfeffer, a German varietal, and then add Zinfandel! An explosion of flavor. ONLY 9 MAGNUMS remaining as of 11-5-19.

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LIMITED INVENTORY AVAILABLE. To order, call (805) 686-2626 or
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