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Winter 2022 Wine Releases
~ Ships to all members November 18th ~


Returning for a second season your Winter 2022 wine releases feature three new works by James Pratt, "The Palette Knife Artist".  "Now that we spend half of the year at our home in France, we spend time traveling to the village marketplaces, sea ports and cafes throughout Europe where I carefully compose the scenes through the lens of my wonderful digital camera and then I sketch the mood and scenes in either pencil or watercolor.  Upon returning to my studio both in France and Charleston, I put palette knife to canvas." - James Pratt



Winemaker Bion Rice made three extraordinary wines for your Holiday food pairings.  These new blends are medium/full bodied, and with a classic "Artiste" soft mouth-feel with a long finish.  Here's what he had to say about the new blends:

The Umbrella gave me the impression of someone who loves making a statement wherever they go.  The bold yellowish-orange umbrella is carried by someone willing to stand out in a crowd, confident and daring.  That is why I blended Viognier into this blend of Grenache and Syrah, elevating the wines floral aromatics, and slightly softening the palate.  It is elegant and balanced and the mouth-feel is like an well-aged Gigondas.

Solitude made me think earthy but floral and herbacious, with perhaps a foresty note. With that in mind we blended Cabernet Sauvignon, an earthy varietal into the delicate floral Grenache, and a bit of Merlot to add dried green herbs, dried cherries and black olive. The oak was a combination of American and French oak, which lent some pine, cedar-spice and caramel notes.

Rainy Day is a painting that made me think what it would feel like to walk through the city on a lightly rainy day en route to a cafe for lunch, and of heavier cuisine as we transtion to Winter.  Of the three wines this blend is the most robust, but well balanced with medium tanin and brighter than typical acidity complimented by the percievable sweetness and warmth from the slightly higher alcohol.

~ Bion Rice, Winemaker


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