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James Pratt

"I as born in Wellington New Zealand, and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s. I   am now proud to announce I recently became an American citizen.  I am now living in   the  country just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, when not spending time at our   home in Southern France.
My work is known by admirers as “you have either been there or you want to go there.”
Now that we have a home in France, I spend time traveling to the village marketplaces, sea ports and cafes throughout Europe where I carefully compose the scenes through the lens of my wonderful digital camera and then I sketch the mood and scenes in either pencil or watercolor.  Upon returning to my studio both in France and Charleston, I put palette knife to canvas."
As a prominent fine art collector writes: “The work is very full of life and color and causes the viewer to feel inspired to want to travel and have this kind of an experience.  If not actually travel, then to enjoy that special adventure, vicariously, through the paintings that he has created.”
I am a featured artists on board the Princess Cruise Lines and I  travel to many of the worlds Ports of Call. My art is currently being sold to the world’s Fine Art Connoisseurs. Member of Oil Painters of America
“I am blessed to have this profession and it has only been made possible through the help of my wife Beverly who continues to work to allow me to focus on my painting.”
My studio and gallery is just outside Charleston in the low country of Hollywood/Meggett.  I welcome visitors by appointment and provide public workshops and private lessons. 


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