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Dear Artiste Friends:

In the grand symphony of life, change is the only constant. Change has become part of the Artiste story and it most certainly will continue to evolve and morph the way art does over time. For over two decades, Artiste has been a testament to this ever-shifting journey which has seen us gracefully evolve and create immersive experiences in memorable spaces from Santa Ynez and Healdsburg to Los Olivos. Yet, there is one unyielding principle that we hold sacred, an unwavering commitment that stands against the currents of transformation – Quality!

Having made over 300 wines for Artiste since 2003 we now stand on the threshold of 2024 and gaze into the future where I extend my heartfelt promise to you, that without compromise, I will continue my relentless pursuit of crafting wines that transcend the boundaries of convention. Wines that not only push the limits of wine orthodoxy but also dance on the edges of innovation, daring to redefine the very essence of traditional winemaking. I will continue to let the art on the outside of the bottle inspire the sensory experience captured inside the bottle. Each bottle that bears the Artiste name is a testament to the harmonious marriage of craftsmanship and intuition, an alchemy that transforms grapes into liquid poetry.

With a warmth in my heart that rivals the excitement I felt on our opening day, I am overjoyed to announce we are moving back to our Hometown of Santa Ynez in Summer 2024. For those of you who remember, Artiste’s first tasting room was on Sagunto Street, where we happened to be the first winery in town. Returning to where it all began feels like a full-circle journey, revisiting the roots of our upbringing and now embracing this place as adults, brimming with child-like enthusiasm and wonder.

Our new home is nestled within a charming Western Victorian-themed building, currently housing the cherished local home décor store, Sage, set to converge with another local gem, Tumbleweeds, both stores owned by our dear friends, the Spaulding family.  Although we exit our Los Olivos store on January 9th with a sense of melancholy, we leave with joyful memories and loving nostalgia. The friendly wineries, restaurants and art galleries of Los Olivos have been gracious neighbors and supporters over 13-years, and for that we are forever grateful.

Until we reopen in Summer 2024, we will be hosting members only by appointment at our winery warehouse in Buellton. You may pick up your shipments here too.To make a reservation, call us at (805) 686-2626 OR email OR book here.

With grace, balance, and an unwavering commitment to the poetic, our wines tell stories that transcend the boundaries of taste, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey like no other. As we step boldly into the uncharted realms of the years ahead, let many clinks of glasses be a celebration of our shared commitment to excellence. Together, let us savor the evolution of Artiste, a journey fueled by passion, integrity, and a love for the art of winemaking. Here's to the unwavering pursuit of Quality – may it be a constant in our glasses and in our hearts. Cheers to a future painted with the hues of innovation, the notes of authenticity, and the timeless essence of Artiste.

Warm regards,

Bion, Anna and the Artiste Family

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Details for Member's

We will be hosting members only by appointment at our winery warehouse in Buellton. You may pick up your shipments here too.


Members must book their reservations on our website. Click the link below to book

Details for Non-Members

For non-members, we are working with our preferred wine tour companies to book visits.


Below is our list of our wine tour partners. We will continue to update this list.


Sustainable Wine Tours

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