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Open Waxed Bottle

Artiste wines are traditionally hand-dipped with a colorful wax seal; the way it was done before modern bottling. It also exhibits our commitment to hand-made wines in that every bottle is hand-inspected and hand-dipped into hot wax.

So here's the secret to opening Artiste's wax-dipped bottles...

To open, simply drive right through the wax with your waiter's style corkscrew and pull the cork through the wax! Warming the wax under hot water for 30 seconds prior to opening is also helpful.

To avoid pouring wine over the wax and to avoid spilling on your precious Artiste wine labels, we recommend using $7 dripless pourers or $1.50 DropStop Wine Pourers, available at

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this!

- Bion Rice, Winemaker

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