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DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at 2016 San Francisco Chronicle.

43% Mourvedre, 43% Syrah and 14% Grenache

This Southern Rhone inspired blend predominately displays aromatics of dried herbs and flowers, blackberry cobbler, sugar plums, white pepper, orange rind, nutmeg and new saddle leather, with a long finish of smoked French oak and blackberry creme brûlée.

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GOLD MEDAL 2016 San Diego International. 

91% Zinfandel and 9% Petit Verdot

Aromas filled with fresh cut herbs after a rain shower, juniper twig and baby's breath.  All matching perfectly with sun kissed strawberries, apricot nectar, rosemary, dill and thyme.   The perfect corsage for your date. 

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SILVER Medal at 2016 Orange County Wine Society Competiton. 

50% Pinot Noir, 50% Syrah

The nose is filled with scents of red, yellow and green peppercorns, red leaf lettuce, straw and cinnamon.  The flavors open to an earthiness of leather and tobacco, combined with a perceived sweetness of butterscotch,  dried cranberries and spicy notes of cinnamon stick.

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Best Friends

GOLD Medal at 2015 San Francisco International SILVER Medal at 2016 San Diego International.

49% Merlot, 33% Sangiovese and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon

A vibrant yet subtle wine.  Aromas of Cinnamon, Dill and Walnut. Flavors of ripe Rainier cherry, Mackinaw Peach and Candied Fruits.

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SILVER Medal at 2016 Orange County Wine Society Competiton. 

34% Cabernet Franc, 33% Tempranillo, 17% Grenache & 16% Syrah

Opening this bottle is like walking through the door of your favorite restaurant. Tantalizing cranberry from the Cabernet Franc preps the palate for the soft, juicy Grenache, finished with a final course of Earthy and spicy esters from the Tempranillo/Syrah.

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SILVER MEDAL 016 Sunset Magazine Wine Competition and BRONZE MEDAL at San Francisco International. 

2.54% Grenache, 36% Syrah, 7% Mourvedre and 3% Viognier

This wine’s elegant journey begins with aromas of Gardenia, white pepper and vanilla extract.  With the first sip, taste the juicy flavors of cherry pie that dances on your tongue.

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Old Soul

SILVER Medal at 2016 Orange County Wine Society Competiton. 

63% Barbera, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 12% Syrah

When an elephant walks into the room, you feel it's presence. This BARBERA based blend moves gracefully from a powerful Earthy must, to a bold and spicy center, followed by robust and rich dark fruits to bring balance and round out the palate. Intrinsically complex already, this wine will continue to evolve for those patient wise souls that invest in proper cellaring.

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The Look Magnum

71% Friesa, 15% Cabernet Franc and 14% Merlot

Ever heard of the varietal "Friesa"? This is the second time in 12-years that winemaker Bion Rice has created a blend with this obscure, yet tantalizing varietal from Italy. Seductive red fruits explode from the glass, wrapping the palate with a taunting and sensual swirl of smoke and spices, exiting gracefully with a velvety, satin finish.

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Little Black Dress

50% Malbec, 30% Peite Sirah and 20%  Zinfandel

Elegant, classy and sexy.  Like the anticipation of a special date out on the town, this wine will put you in the mood for romance.  Dark and lush in color, aromas of blackberry pie, baked apricots and flaky crust, preares you for the flavors of berry cobbler, leather and tobacco. 

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Let Loose Magnum

72% Nebbiolo and 28% Cabernet Franc

It's unheard of to blend Nebbiolo with Cabernet Franc,... and it's unheard of that a blind man should paint. But that's exactly what has happened here: A collision of exploratory testing of all the senses into different mediums, violating rules and expectations, and just following ones instincts. Let your hair down, and enjoy this artistic rendering, a colorful collaboration.

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